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"The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well"



Meet Nurse Rebecca


I believe we have the innate power to heal ourselves. My purpose is to steward people into health with education and self awareness.  I have a rich history in holistic health.  Trained in Western herbalism with healers from all over the world, herbalism and learning how the plants affect our natural state led me to Nursing.  As a Registered Nurse educating people is one of our primary roles.  I specialize in personalized health education and consultation. Educator, Cancer Survivor, and Clinical Herbalist I love sharing plants and working with people.

"I recommend the expertise of Rebecca C. White to anyone looking for a comprehensive approach to health and healing based on simple and natural means. Her thorough review of my symptoms brought a new perspective to my treatment that was completely overlooked by western medicine examinations. The tinctures, teas, and oils that she recommended have become part of my daily routine and bring a concentrated mindfulness to my ailment that is showing benefits already."
-Zach Hilleson
Educational classes
Health consultation
Patient advocacy 

Rebecca plays an active role in thinking outside the box on health and healing and pushing the boundaries of what we consider Health Care.  Keep up to date on classes, lectures, and plant walks.

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